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Talking It Up with Voice-Based Marketing Automation

Everybody is talking about Siri. Actually, everybody is talking to Siri.

Siri, the personal assistant application on the iPhone 4S, made a big splash when she was released in 2011, and Apple continues to ride the wave. It turns out that people like talking to their phones. And they like when their phone talks back.

Truth is, people just like talking. Technology changes, but humans—social animals that we are—remain the same in at least one capacity: we are talkers. Which is why any company that is serious about managing and measuring its leads would be wise to tap into voice-based marketing automation.

Voice-based marketing automation (VBMA) is a software platform that helps companies drive sales, measure marketing effectiveness, and improve customer experience—using voice. The Web is a starting point for many consumers’ search for a product or service, but this study shows that 43% of those Internet meanderings end with a good old fashioned telephone call—even if the smartphone they’re calling from is anything but old fashioned. Without VBMA, that customer might go off the radar. Perhaps they’ll call later, but at that point you won’t know what they’re after, where they found you, or how close they are to being ready to buy.

But with applications provided by VBMA platforms, your company can log details about potential customers—their geographic location, their time zone—as well as track which ads that customer clicked on and what service they were looking for. With a lead scoring application, the customer can be forwarded to the right person—who is already prepared with answers for the questions the customer has been asking online—right away.

In addition to the customer experience, VBMA can determine which of your company’s marketing campaigns have the greatest ROI, which PPC ads are being utilized, and what key words are bringing customers to your company.

More companies are using Internet marketing than ever before, but the phone is far from out of the game. In fact, CNNMoney reported in February 2011 that shipments of smartphones exceeded shipments of PCs, speaking to a change in the trend of “the kinds of devices people are using for their everyday computing needs.”  But even more buzz-worthy is a study done by The Pew Research Center, which reveals that more Americans own a cell phone than a computer: 85% vs. 75%.

This tells us that the phone and its worth are not extinct: not even close. As the capabilities of phones become more and more impressive, with many consumers using them in lieu of a computer, it becomes ever more important for a company to keep abreast of that activity.

Ifbyphone, the leader in voice-based marketing automation, is doing just that; offering its software platform to businesses large and small to help them manage their leads and enhance the customer experience.

Siri knows. Just ask her about voice-based marketing automation, and she’ll send you straight to Google, where Ifbyphone is at the top of the list.



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